About Velieti

Velieti it is a mountain and a church in Imereti, historical attractions and just a beautiful place. Inspired by this corner of Georgia, we have recreated in our restaurant the same special atmosphere of warmth and harmony.

Design and cuisine of "Velieti" gently tell you the story of how an authentic Georgia and modern Europe can coexist in the same space, in harmony and unity, complementing each other, we have a unique mood reigns of warmth and welcome. The restaurant is located in a quiet corner of the district Sokol, a homely, despite the vast spaces, filled with soft light.

The restaurant's menu consists primarily of aromatic and colorful dishes of Georgian cuisine. Our chefs anxiously observe the best traditions of cooking and retain the true character of the national cuisine. You can sample dishes that are cooked and served on a pan (a traditional clay pan without a handle) can also enjoy traditional: khachapuri, satsivi, Phal, lobio, mchadi many other Georgian dishes that we prepare like by mother's recipes.

Velieti - a perfect place for a family dinner or evening with friends, a business meeting or a regular dinner, as well as for events of any size, whether it is a birthday, a corporate party or a wedding. And we will do all that you have left full of the most delicious experiences and good memories!